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Propane Tank Refills

Get your 20 lb propane grill tank filled for $13 or $2.99 per gallon + tax

We refill all types of propane tank sizes up to 100 lbs as well as RVs, campers, food trucks and forklift tanks. We offer competitive propane prices seven days a week at 3721 W Coliseum Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46808. 


Refilling your propane tank is not only cheaper than a propane exchange but you also get a full tank. Most 20 lb propane tank exchanges are only filled with 15 lbs of propane and you do not get credit for any propane that was left in the tank. When refilling your tank at S & A Equipment Rental you get to keep your tank and we fill to the maximum legal limit.

Sold by the gallon, a propane refill is great if you only need a top-off. You only get charged for the number of gallons we fill.

  • No minimum amount

  • No purge fee

  • Propane refill services up to 100 lb.

  • You keep your tank

  • We fill to the maximum legal limit

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